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Tobosha SP

The Fugitive, 逃亡者 (0)

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Kazuki Kakurai is an elite doctor at a university hospital. One evening, Kazuki Kakurai and his wife Yoko attend a party. During the party, Kazuki Kakurai receives an emergency call from the hospital. Yoko returns home and Kazuki Kakurai goes to the hospital. After he performs surgery at the hospital, Kazuki Kakurai goes back home. There, he finds Yoko and their housekeeper stabbed to death. Kazuki Kakurai also sees a man fleeing from the scene and chases after him. They get into a physical confrontation, but Kazuki Kakurai is beaten and falls unconscious. Later, Kazuki Kakurai maintains his innocence at his trial, but he is given the death sentence for the murders of his wife and his housekeeper. While being transported to prison, Kazuki Kakurai manages to escape from the convoy bus and he becomes fugitive. He is chased by Detective Masami Hosaka.
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